Apple Pie Dreamland


Nancy and Alan link arms at the wedding reception. It’s a wonderful event upon the rides and in the bars of Dreamland Margate. Terry and his partner Philip are happy, everyone is dressed in fancy dress, some in drag, it’s a colourful event. Alan and Nancy dance together again, they take to the rides and everyone joins in the celebration. Tomorrow see’s the release of the re release album, fireworks and dancers are prepared ready for the event. Everyone lives happily ever after, as in all good stories that end with a kiss.

Well I Never


Nancy returns to the flat one afternoon and opens a cupboard in the spare room to reveal a row of neatly kept woman’s dresses. At the height of his fame in the 70’s, Alan’s weekend hobby was to dress as a woman with some like-minded friends. They … [Continue reading]

What You See Here


Alan returns to the AA rooms, where the chairs are all in a circle.  He explains to Nancy how sobriety saved his life. How he ended up in rehab and finding his rock bottom. She feels slightly alienated by this seemingly secret world, but she knows … [Continue reading]

Round The Houses


Terry is Alan’s manager, and has been all of his life, he likes sitting at his big desk with his big ink wells with many gold discs all around the walls of his office. Terry understands Alan more than most. Times have changed in the music industry … [Continue reading]

Pop and Prog


Alan turns to his VHS collection this time to show Nancy his appearance  on Top of The Pops. He wrote pop songs for other artists but nobody wanted to cover them, so his manager Terry persuaded him to sing them himself.  Pop Noodle was a huge hit, … [Continue reading]