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What The Papers Say.

“…this is one of the best albums Squeeze have ever released – and that’s saying something…the opening title track presents a joyful tumble of defiance and tub-thumping happiness.  Blissful arrangements, as on funky pouting Nirvana, ensure a clear-eyed masterclass celebrating an exalted life well lived.  Tremendous.” 5*

“…a nostalgic look at a London adolescence revolving around pubs, cafes, school and football…Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook have a rich pedigree, and these pithy tunes echo the classic pop of Up The Junction and Cool For Cats.” 4*
DAILY MAIL 2.10.15

“Squeeze always had a talent for putting familiar, everyday vignettes to bittersweet melodies…the album’s provincial modesty is at the heart of its charm and Difford’s knack for writing about subjects rarely troubled by pop…is at the heart of what makes Squeeze unique.”
THE TIMES 2.10.15

“…few songwriters alive can touch them for narrative detail and emotional insight.  Expect ten songs of warmly nostalgic, melodic guitar-pop.  It is, like the book and the show, an unqualified joy.” 5*
METRO 30.9.15

‘…an upbeat, nostalgic collection about growing up in London in the Sixties and Seventies, full of pithy observations of school, football, family life and first love set to flowing melodies and arrangements…’

‘Squeeze were the post-punk Kinks…they deserve a similar reputation as writers of top drawer narrative song….always teamed a hallmark dry wit with a McCartneyesque tunefulness…the album revisits youthful indiscretion with more than simply nostalgia.’

“Well, well: Messrs Difford and Tilbrook reunited as writing partners for the first time this century, as if they’d never been apart (though they’re still, obviously moving in parallel octaves).  The songs are as multi-syllabic as ever, but the sound is more intimate than you might recall: drier, warmer….’Genial’ barely covers it…” 4*

“Glenn Tilbrook and Chris Difford’s songs brim with rear-view affection for hormones and teenage thrills, and there’s purpose and sunny verve.”

‘Deptford Beatles’ Danny Baker Dozen….these 12 tracks confirm Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook’s melodic talents.’
UNCUT Oct ‘15

‘…Chris Difford and Glenn Tilbrook(‘s)…creative relationship remains a potent one.  The title track is classic Squeeze, witty and trenchant with Tilbrook’s mobile verse melody and a real ear worm of a chorus.’
MOJO Oct ‘15

‘…an accomplished comeback…With its best songs vividly referencing the 70s South London landscape of Difford and Tilbrook’s youth ‘Cradle To The Grave’ is frequently nostalgic, yet it’s largely upbeat and mostly eminently radio-friendly.  The balmy country-flavoured Happy Days and stomping, soul-tinged titular song are surely destined to become live favourites, while affecting teenage rites of passage tales such as Honeytrap and the porn-mag-related Haywire eloquently demonstrate why Difford still hits the spots lesser lyricists can’t reach.’

“The greatest musical storytellers ever to come out of Deptford…”

“That ‘greatest hits’ feel was emphasised by the soundtrack… with a real gem for the title track, a new song by Squeeze, who were touted long ago by Baker and his music journalist mates as ‘the next Beatles’.”

“There was something sadly flat about the whole thing, as flat as – reunion aside – Glen Tilbrook and Chris Difford’s relationship.”

Cant win them all.

Brum Numbers


7 billion people live on this earth, Squeeze are number 4 in the internet chart, we have sold out tonights show (1,829) here in Birmingham at the Symphony Hall, and i had three cups of coffee, all magic numbers. I think i signed 40 or 50 ticket stubs … [Continue reading]

Nirvana City Hall


One of the lovely things about this tour is having extended family on the road, the beautiful Lucy and Stephen with their son on board, and smiling Simon with his two whipper snappers. They all radiate love and family and thats all you need on a tour … [Continue reading]

Bristol Motors


Bristol holds lots of lovely memories, for instance when Elton got up to sing with us when Paul Carrack was in the band on the Some Fantastic tour, and times plying here solo in various venues. Tonight we played well but i was dogged by ear issues, … [Continue reading]

MK Dan’s


In the afternoon I did an interview before the show I was tired and not on form but the journalist thought that Glenn and I were the Stealy Dan of South London. High praise. The show tonight was tight like a recording and very Dan, it was like the … [Continue reading]